Settle in with a cuppa – it’s a very full round-up this week!

Around the nation:

  • In this article Kelly Hinton, Executive Director of Project Respect, urges government to take action to end trafficking
  • More on the Victorian State Government proposed changes to stop sex-trafficking can be found here
  • Read more on this topic in Dr Caroline Norma’s opinion piece
  • the Queensland Government is set to start putting GPS tracking devices on sex offenders from November.
  • The Victorian Government has announced additional funding to improve mental health services for women – particularly women’s safety
  • The Federal Government has announced an investigation into student visa’s and links to sex slavery
  • An enquiry and report into the conditions of the womens prison, Bandyup, reveals some worrying findings
  • In Queensland, October is Sexual Violence awareness month
  • Still in Queensland, and the LNP says it will back changes to laws to prevent sexual violence against children
  • A new Factsheet has just been released by the Global Campaign to Stop Torture in Health Care: ˜Against Her Will: Forced and Coerced Sterilization of Women Worldwide™ – available for download here

There have been some important announcements this week from the Federal Government

Around the world:

  • Three women shared the Nobel Peace Prize – read more here
  • A new study by the University of British Columbia (Canada) has found even after women have separated from an abusive partner, the violence still costs Canadians an estimated $6.9 billion a year. The study analysed categories of cost to publicly funded programs and services that include hospitalization, X-rays, visits to the doctor, legal aid, children protection worker, unemployment insurance and social assistance. The study also calculated private, third-party costs such as psychologist, dentist, counseling and food bank use.
  • A Lancet study shows how general practice can substantially improve care for women experiencing domestic violence.
  • There are several articles here regarding ‘Rape Pages”” on Facebook
  • In New Zealand, there has been a rise in sexual assaults in Cantebury – click here to learn more
  • This article looks at the increasing risk to women’s safety in Haiti
  • In PNG, Social Media is being used to express  outrage and demand action to end violence against women
  • In Kansas, USA, the city of Topeka is considering decriminalising domestic violence as a money-saving measure. Read more detail on this topic here
  • This article reports that sexual violence in Somalia is being ignored


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

  • Reclaim the Night Canberra Friday October 28th

Get Involved!

Get Involved!

  • Nominations are now open for the National Homelessness Services Achievements Award – click here to find out more
  • ACSSA needs participants for their new research project – The role of social networking services and mobile phone technology in sexual violence