Briefing note on the new laws concerning  Australia’s charity advocacy, Carers Recognition Bill 2021 (ACT), Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 policy framework, and more. 21 December 2021
Human rights day, establishment of a Domestic, Family, and Sexual Violence Commission to oversee the implementation of the second National Plan, Equality Australia open letter against proposed religious discrimination legislation, and more. 10 December 2021
New financial crime guide to help businesses identify and report tech abuse, Victoria police landmark policy for dealing with perpetrators of family violence, research on Aboriginal Gender impacts, surveys and more. 23 November 2021
National Strategy to prevent and response to child abuse, spike in rates of DFV in NSW Aboriginal communities, release of Queensland’s new framework to address sexual violence, and more. 9 November 2021
Safe access zones legislated in WA, concerns migrant welfare bill prevent leaving violence, reports, resources, and more. 18 August 2021
Joint letter calling for urgent response to sexual violence, approach centring women w disability needed in DFV services, research, reports, and more. 4 August 2021
National Women’s Safety Summit postponed, culturally informed healing programs effective for responding to violence, reports, surveys, and more. 23 July 2021
Lack of emergency and long-term housing in Qld, high levels of violence experienced by migrant and refugee women, events, surveys, and more. 6 July 2021
Reproductive coercion key issue for women with disabilities, domestic violence orders used as tool of intimidation by perpetrators, events, reports, and more. 29 June 2021
Funding boost for frontline DFV services in NSW, first phase of new national strategy to prevent child sexual abuse announced, research and more. 16 June 2021
NSW government announces plan to introduce affirmative consent laws, advocates warn against expanding ParentsNext, research and more. 1 June 2021
Women’s budget statement delivered, calls for First Nations women to lead on domestic violence, AWAVA’s young women’s survey and more. 20 May 2021
Victim-survivors being misidentified by police as perpetrators of domestic violence, regional services pleading for more funding, surveys and more. 6 May 2021
New Indigenous Advisory Group established to guide next National Plan, consent education campaign criticised, reports and more. 20 April 2021
Support services call for repeat funds amidst increased domestic violence, First Nation’s women’s safety groups push for Ministerial meeting and more. 13 April 2021
Concerns over end to JobKeeper for victim/survivors, early access to super scheme scrapped, women’s services brace for end of COVID funding and more. 30 March 2021
Young women with disabilities twice as likely to experience sexual violence, consent app idea questioned by advocates, reports and more. 24 March 2021
Thousands march across the nation demanding an end to gendered violence, government push for victim/survivors to access their super early and more. 17 March 2021
Taking care of yourself when sexual assault makes headlines, national definition of family and domestic violence needed, reports and more. 2 March 2021
Ochre Ribbon Week, SA debates abortion reform, research, reports and more.  16 February 2021
Australia continues to fall behind in women’s equality and equity, increasing rates of female genital mutilation (FGM), webinars and more. 9 February 2021
Aboriginal woman violated in “disgusting” incident in ACT prison, sexual assault survivor and advocate Grace Tame honoured, reports and more. 28 January 2021
Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group in mourning, new findings on women who commit family violence, AWAVA Policy Officer opportunity and more. 19 January 2021
Shadow pandemic of DFV continues, concerns people unable to access support over Christmas break, surveys and more.  12 January 2021

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