Women exploited by controversial rehabilitation centre, family violence expected to spike in post-COVID Christmas, reports and more. 17 December 2020
“Activism against violence against Indigenous women is every damn day” writes Marlene Longbottom, systemic failing in police handling of DFV and more. 8 December 2020
Family and Federal Court merger risks the lives of women and children, women with disability being turned away from DFV services, webinars and more. 1 December 2020
A mass imprisonment crisis of women in Australia is growing, changes to responsible lending laws risk more financial abuse, reports and more. 17 November 2020
Celebrating NAIDOC Week, trans people subjected to sexual assault by health professionals, calls for research and more.  10 November 2020
Claims of state mismanagement of violence prevention program in West Kimberley, new men’s behaviour change program for SA, reports and more. 3 November 2020
Survey highlights young men’s alarming attitudes towards violence, Aged Care Royal Commission hears shocking rates of sexual abuse, surveys and more. 27 October 2020
Family violence workers burnt out in midst of pandemic, abusers in the ranks of Australian police forces, resources and more.
21 October 2020
Calls for structural changes to budget, concerns over new English test for partner visas, webinars and more.
14 October 2020
Budget fails women trying to escape violence, new report on online abuse and young women, resources and more.
8 October 2020
Vital report on family violence and temporary visa holders during COVID-19, QLD police under scrutiny for sexist ad campaign, resources and more.
29 September 2020
COVID-19 recession is ‘trapping’ women in violent households, calls for voices of criminalised women to be centred, webinars and more.
22 September 2020
Welfare campaigners warn poverty looms for 1.1 million children as COVID supplement cut, first Gender Equality Commissioner for VIC and more.
10 September 2020
Extensive new report on sexual violence in Australia, advocates call for VIC gag laws to be repealed, resources, webinars and more.
3 September 2020
Women’s Safety Ministers meeting does not bring new actions on DFV, advocates urge to apply a gender lens to COVID recovery, research and more.
27 August 2020
Increased access to hospitals for women on temporary visas in NSW, police mistake leads to loss of victim/survivors’ info in WA, webinars and more.
13 August 2020
Barriers for migrant and refugee women experiencing violence, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing programs study, resources and more.
6 August 2020
New Closing the Gap targets, third anniversary of the report into Sexual Assault and Harassment on Australian University Campuses and more.
30 July 2020
Calls for Federal Government to deliver on Superannuation scheme for women after separation, LGBTI family violence forum, resources and more.
23 July 2020
New data shows 1 in 10 Australian women have experienced DFV during COVID-19 pandemic, proposed telehealth changes cause concern, research and more.
16 July 2020
Dr Merrindahl Andrew leaves AWAVA, new DFV funding for LGBTQI community, surveys, resources and more.
9 July 2020
Aboriginal Domestic & Family Violence specialists plea for urgent action, new DFV laws in WA, resources, reports and more.
2 July 2020
News laws for victims/survivors of sexual assault in NT, advocacy on Victims Support Scheme in NSW, reports and more.
25 June 2020
Family Law bill introduced, police violence against women, resources, webinars and more.
18 June 2020
New parliamentary inquiry into domestic violence to probe national failures, solidarity with Black lives matter movement, resources and more.
4 June 2020
$21 million boost for NSW domestic violence services, AbSec to lose half its funding, research reports and more.
28 May 2020
Domestic violence inquiry ends with no hearings or recommendations, new family violence awareness campaigns amidst COVID-19, webinars and more.
21 May 2020
COVID-19 impacts on women’s safety only beginning, new research agenda on financial abuse, surveys and more.
14 May 2020
More support needed for temporary migrants facing family violence, research project for frontline workers, webinars and more.
7 May 2020
Family court to triage family violence matters within 72 hours, advice on Covidsafe app for survivors, resources and more.
1 May 2020
Coroner refers death in custody of Aboriginal woman Tanya Day for possible prosecution, shared custody in the time of coronavirus, surveys and more.
24 April 2020
WESNET Safe Phones program receives welcome funding reprieve, fears for refugee and migrant women during COVID-19, resources and more.
9 April 2020
$150 million funding to address domestic and family violence amidst COVID-19, what COVID-19 lockdowns mean for sex workers, COVID-19 resources and more.
2 April 2020
Calls for Federal Government support for women subjected to violence amongst COVID-19, new disability support toolkit, resources, webinars and more.
26 March 2020
Warnings of increased violence against women during pandemic, assisting victims/survivors remotely, calls to abandon Family Law Inquiry, and more. 20 March 2020
Government criticised for ignoring expert advice on family violence, workplace sexual harassment, temporary migration & violence, scholarships & more. 12 March 2020
Special meeting of Women’s Safety Ministers, new website for women and girls with disability, research, events and more! 6 March 2020
Victims/survivor’s struggle for safety post-separation, calls for domestic violence deaths data transparency, research, reports and more. 27 February 2020
Media guidelines for reporting violence against women, cashless debit card fails to reduce family violence, resources, events and more. 20 February 2020
Ochre Ribbon Week, NT debates court changes for victim/survivors, reports, events and more! 13 February 2020
Fiji announces National Action Plan to prevent gender-based violence, free dental care for women experiencing violence, events, resources and more! 6 February 2020
Police attitudes towards sexual assault revealed, poverty and disability preventing women from leaving violence, relief resources, surveys and more! 30 January 2020
Bushfire Crisis and Climate Emergency, Extensive relief resources listed, Black Deaths in Custody, Reproductive Abuse and more. 23 January 2020