AWAVA Fortnightly Round-Up

Read AWAVA’s Fortnightly Round-Ups to stay up to date on news from the preventing and responding to violence against women sector.

New government revealed ten days of domestic and family violence leave will be one of their priorities, new One Stop Hub for DFV in Broome, NSW government announced new funding for Safer Pathway program, and more. 21 June 2022
Katy Gallagher will hold the women’s portfolio, Office for Women to remain in the Department of PM and Cabinet, 2022 post-election analysis, and more. 7 June 2022
2022 post-election policy analysis, Fair Work Commission has expressed their view in providing 10 day’s paid DFV leave, families are increasingly accessing more support services, on the National Advocacy Group on Women on Temporary Visas Experiencing Violence submission and more. 25 May 2022
AWAVA election report card, 2022 election policy analysis, Queensland government to implement the full 89 recommendations of the women’s safety taskforce, and more. 10 May 2022
2022 election policy analysis, Catherine Fitzpatrick announcement as Australia’s first National Domestic, Family, and Sexual Violence Commissioner, Moo Baulch OAM appointment to the position of Our Watch Chair, and more. 27 April 2022
The federal government announced a $104M technology fund to prevent DFV, Australian men holding some of the most misogynistic views in the Western, WWDA launched a Leadership Statement, and more. 22 March 2022
International Women’s Day, the federal government had pledged an extra $189 million for DFV,  Australia’s sex discrimination commissioner has warned confidentiality agreements can allow perps to continue abuses of power, and more. 8 March 2022
AWAVA’s report on young women and non-binary people’s experience of violence, rural and remote women experiencing devastating effects on their health due to tech abuse, tax cuts planned to take effect in 2024 are highly regressive and would pay male beneficiaries twice as much as women, and more. 24 February 2022
Family violence requests for assistance continue to spike in the west of Melbourne, new ABS data finds that 97 per cent of sexual assault offenders are male, Telstra Health to run 1800Respect for the next five years, and more. 08 February 2022
Release of the draft National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children, AIST has urged financial security to be taken into account in the National Plan, SA DFV victim-survivors are receiving extra support to secure safe long-term housing, and more. 25 January 2022
The NSW government announcement in outlawing coercive control, launching of Queensland government new phone app for recognising DFV, SA has removed DFV intervention order fee start of 2022, and more. 11 January 2022

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