Our Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group comprises member organisations from all states and territories, including peak bodies, in the area of preventing and responding to violence against women. AWAVA’s Advisory Group informs AWAVA’s priorities and work plan, and amplifies the voices of the women and networks that members represent, with particular emphasis on marginalised and under-represented groups of women. The Advisory Group is intended to fairly represent the difference sub-sectors within the violence against women sector. Our current members are:


Organisation Advisory Group member
Women’s Services Network


Julie Oberin
Proxy: Margaret Augerinos
Association of Women Educators AWE Maria Delaney
Proxy: TBC
National Association of Services Against Sexual Violence NASASV Karen Willis
Proxy: TBC
Ruby Gaea NT   Samantha Chung
Proxy: TBC
Australasian Council of Women and Policing ACWAP Maha Sukkar
Proxy: Andrea Quinn
Australian Women’s Health Network AWHN Bonney Corbin
Proxy: Kelly Bannister
Embolden – Alliance for Women’s Freedom, Equity and Respect (Formally Coalition of Women’s Domestic Violence Services of South Australia) Susie Smith
Proxy: Jennifer Kingwell
Domestic Violence Victoria DVVic Alison Birchall
Proxy: TBC
ACT Women’s Services Network ACT WSN Marcia Williams
Proxy: Helen Machalias
Sexual Assault Support Service, Tasmania SASS Tas Jill Maxwell
Proxy: Holly Mason-White
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance NATSIWA Sandra Creamer
Proxy: Christine Ross
Domestic Violence NSW DVNSW Monique Dam
Proxy: Trishima Mitra-Kahn
National Union of Students Women’s Officer NUS Women’s Officer  Humaira Nasrin
Proxy: TBC
Ending Violence Against Women Queensland EVAWQ Jude Marshall
Proxy: Lindy Edwards
Women’s Council For Domestic & Family Violence Services WA WCDFVS Kedy Kristal
Proxy: Angela Hartwig
Women’s Essential Service Providers Tasmania WESP Tas Haidee Fullard
Proxy: Jacinta Atkins
Women’s Legal Services Australia WLSA Yvette Cehtel
Proxy: Angela Lynch
Women With Disabilities Australia WWDA Heidi La Paglia
Proxy: Naomi Thomson
Project Respect Rachel Reilly
Proxy: TBC
Women’s Safety NSW Hayley Foster
Proxy: Anita Cox
Young Women’s Advisory Group of Equality Rights Alliance YWAG ERA Linnea Burdon-Smith
Karess Dias
Harmony Alliance: Migrant and Refugee Women for Change Michal Morris
Proxy: Sana Ashraf
Economic Security 4 Women eS4W Sharen Page
Proxy: Terese Edwards
National Rural Women’s Coalition NRWC Keli McDonald
Proxy: Jo Stewart-Rattray



Policy Executive Group


A Policy Executive Group, comprised of five Advisory Group member representatives, the AWAVA Program Manager and WESNET National Director, serves to expedite decisions about AWAVA policy positions and work priorities when timelines mean convening the entire Advisory Group is not feasible. Current member representatives on the Policy Executive Group are: Julie Oberin (WESNET), Margaret Augerinos (WESNET), Heidi La Paglia (WWDA), Romy Listo (YWAG ERA), and Samantha Chung (Ruby Gaea NT).


AWAVA’s auspicing body is the Women’s Services Network (WESNET), and the Contract Manager is Karen Bentley, Interim National Director of WESNET.