Our vision is to ensure that all women and their children are able to live free from all forms of violence and abuse. Our work is guided by three main principles: human rights, a feminist framework, and equity, diversity & inclusivity.


Guiding Principles

Human Rights

We recognise that gender-based violence against women is one of the most serious and widespread violations of fundamental human rights, in particular, the right to not be treated in an inhuman and degrading way, and the rights to respect, and to physical, sexual and psychological integrity.


Feminist Framework

We employ a feminist approach that understand that gender-based violence against women is both a consequence and cause of gender inequity, which is embedded deeply within all levels of our society. Violence is perpetrated through institutions and the public sphere, as well as in the privacy of intimate relationships. Efforts to end gender-based violence against women must be accountable to women and promote women’s empowerment, and social and gender equality.


Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity

AWAVA is committed to representing and working respectfully with the diversity of women in Australia and prioritises collaborative approaches that draw on diverse knowledge. AWAVA recognises that gender-based violence against women occurs in the context of oppression and privilege arising from the intersection of race, class, sexual orientation and gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, religion, dis/ability, age and the impact of colonisation.


We acknowledge the primary ethical imperative to hear and respond to voices of people interpreting their own situations and making sense of the violence inflicted upon them, which may be in ways that challenge or complicate understandings of gender inequality as they have been conceived within existing power structures. Our aim is therefore mutual support and, where appropriate, partnership-building.

We consider the category ‘women’ to include all who self-identify as a woman.