Australia slides on gender gap and peace & security index, including trans people in gender-based violence conversations, reports, surveys and more!
19 December 2019
Peak for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family violence survivors defunded, WESNET phone program loses funding, resources, research and more 12 December 2019
WA family violence law reform package, group home violence, resources, events and more! 5 December 2019
Progress on Family Law Inquiry safeguards, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, reports, courses and more! 29 November 2019
Round-Up survey closing soon, need to address intergenerational trauma and institutional violence against Aboriginal women, news, resources, and more! 15 November 2019
Disability Royal Commission Public Hearings begin, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women most at risk of online D&FV, events, surveys, and more! 8 November 2019
WLSA and Rosie Batty team up to launch plan for safety in family law, protests against VAW around the world, surveys, events and more! 25 October 2019
Family inquiry to proceed despite unanimous opposition from D&FV experts, workplace sexual violence in Western Europe, reports, events, and more! 18 October 2019
Victims/survivors imprisoned for killing abusers in self-defence, elder abuse in England and Wales, events, resources, and more! 11 October 2019
NSW decriminalises abortion, “feminist emergency” protests in Spain, reports, events, and more! 27 September 2019
Gov launches family law inquiry despite concerns from advocates, Disability Royal Commission underway, surveys, conferences, and more! 20 September 2019
ACT may make elder abuse a crime, the bus that visit Lebanese towns to give support and advice on VAW, events, resources, and more! 6 September 2019
Victims/survivors denied Centrelink payments, report on DFV and homelessness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, news, events, and more! 30 August 2019
Tas Gov may lift ban on victims/survivors identifying themselves, spyware used as tool of violence, reports, resources, and more! 23 August 2019
Fourth Action Plan of National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children released, Victoria Police get DFV risk register, events, surveys, and more! 16 August 2019
1800RESPECT campaign on identifying violence against women with disability, students against sexual assault at Japanese universities, reports, surveys, and more! 9 August 2019
Bill to decriminalise abortion introduced to NSW Parliament, victims/survivors jailed for breaching DV orders in Qld, conferences, resources, and more! 2 August 2019
Sexual violence in Aus military, crossing borders for abortion services in the EU, ANROWS report on the “couple rule”, events, resources, and more! 26 July 2019
NAIDOC Week, Qld closer to removing rape law loophole, protests against femicide in France, webinars, surveys, resources, and more! 12 July 2019
Imprisonment of women, strangulation offence in Vic, LGBTQ+ musicians resisting hate in Latin America, training, resources, and more! 5 July 2019
Reproductive coercion linked to DV, UN calls for legal reform to end marital rape globally, WWD ACT report on consent & coercion, events, and more! 28 June 2019
Review of National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children, mass protests in Switzerland, workshops, resources, and more! 21 June 2019
DV victims/survivors evicted from social housing for “nuisance”, global database on political violence against women, workshops, resources, and more! 14 June 2019
Violence against Indigenous women in Canada termed “genocide”, strengthening hospital responses to family violence in Vic, reports, events, and more! 7 June 2019
Link between violence against women and health, Brisbane commits to DV strategy, events, resources, and more! 31 May 2019
2017 National Community Attitudes Towards Violence Against Women survey results released, news, events, resources, and more! 24 May 2019
Increases in DVO breach reports in Qld, sex education key to ending sexual violence in India, reports, resources, and more! 17 May 2019
SA gov to provide emergency accommodation for DV perpetrators, Tas victims/survivors of sexual violence demand right to be publicly identified, events, and more! 10 May 2019
Sexual and reproductive health rights worldwide, women in prison in Australia, victims/survivors’ voting rights in Turkey, surveys, training, and more! 3 May 2019
Escalating need for services and long term support, DV disclosure scheme in SA, events, resources, and more! 12 April 2019
Role of sport in ending violence against women, AHRC paper on homelessness among older women, seminars, surveys, and more! 5 April 2019
Greater training needed to administer rape kits in regional area, “Advocates for Change” in Tasmania, training, resources, and more! 29 March 2019
Impacts of DFV trauma on companion animals, ANROWS research synthesis on housing insecurity/homelessness and DFV, talks, courses, and more! 22 March 2019
New Family Violence Law Help website launched, Australian Government decides not to sign UN IWD motion, webinars, training, opportunities and more! 15 March 2019
New women’s safety package announced by Australian Government, students subjected to sexual harassment on public transport, events, surveys, and more! 8 March 2019
Advocates call for greater NSW Gov commitment to ending VAW, royal commission on violence against people with disability, talks, surveys, and more! 1 March 2019
Senate Inquiry report into dowry abuse released, homeless victims/survivors housed in “unsafe and appalling” motel rooms, events, resources, and more! 22 February 2019
Last day to complete AWAVA’s Prevention Survey, Australian Government announces $78m for women and children facing violence, surveys, events, and more! 15 February 2019
Women on temporary visas targeted in tech-facilitated abuse, uni students warned to be respectful during O-week activities, events, surveys and more! 8 February 2019
TAFEs and independent providers lagging in responding to sexual violence, UK laws to introduce significant changes on DFV, events, surveys, and more! 1 February 2019
ACT public servants to be trained to identify DV, US government shutdown threatening women’s services, surveys, events, and more! 18 January 2019