Just a short Round-up this week, as the AWAVA Round-up team are still in catch-up after their hiatus! Still plenty of  news to share with you though

  • The Canberra Time reports on the ACT Legistlative Committee Hearings into licensing of brothels and the harmful impacts of prostitution on women
  • Jocelyn Scutt explores sex, rape and exploitation in this online article
  • The age reports on a disturbing new facebook page that shares images of women without their knowledge or consent

And Internationally:

  • US Peace Corps volunteers come forward about rape and sexual assualt while working in the Corps
  • The Vancouver Sun reports on how rules of evidence impact on trials involving sexual assault against women with disabilities 
  • A group of international feminists is gathering support for the African immigrant woman hotel worker allegedly attacked sexually by (now former!) IMF Director Donimique Strauss-Kahn, who is now having her character assassinated in the media. A statement has been posted here that you can sign to show your support 
  • This report from Sweden further explores this issue    

And there is still plenty of controversy on the “”SlutWalks””  taking place around the world

Sexual Assault Research Register

ACSSA has released it’s Australian Sexual Assault Research Register, which you can access here

Women’s Health Survey

A survey of women’s experience of health services is being conducted now, with the launch of a women’s health services map in early July 2011. Click on the link to have your say. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/womenshealth2011  Or complete the attached paper version of the survey, and return it to Equality Rights Alliance, PO Box 1022, Dickson ACT 2602 by Friday 24 June 2011.