Here I Am is a new Australian feature film written and directed by a young Indigenous woman, Beck Cole (First Australians, Making Samson & Delilah) and made by the creative team behind Samson & Delilah (producer Kath Shelper and cinematographer Warwick Thornton).

At the heart of the story are themes of strength, resilience, humour and the solidarity of women.

Karen (Shai Pittman) is a beautiful young woman with a dark past, but she’s got potential and she knows it. 

Fresh out of prison, she finds herself on the streets with a burning desire to turn her life around but no one to call for help. Eventually she finds a haven at a shelter for women. 

With the support of her new community of friends, Karen begins the journey of reconnecting with her estranged mother (Prof Marcia Langton, AM) and her young daughter, and she is soon propelled to face the most difficult truths of her life. But she’s determined never to give up. Here I Am is a story of great hope and courage.

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Here I Am releases nationally in cinemas on 2 June .

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