While the Weekly Round-up has been on a 2-week hiatus, the AWAVA Advisory Group has been hard at work meeting with each other, and the Office for the Status of Women, to plan for the coming twelve months. There are some exciting times ahead!

Of course, the news didn’t stop in the last 2 weeks – so here is a bit of catch-up.

Featured Article

Unfortunately poor judgements and inappropriate comments are still being made by Magistrates, demonstrated by a country Victorian Magistrate who for the second time released a man on bail saying that his breaches of an intervention order, which included stalking of his former wife, were “at the lower end of the scale”  despite that he had been accused of raping her.   Read the article  here

Also making the news

  • The British Minister for Justice has made some inappropriate remarks in distinguishing date rape from other forms of rape. Read about it here
  • The Attorney-General’s Department comments on new research that highlights the need to address family violence
  • An interesting article on Australian Legal Responses to cyber-stalking
  • Defence Minister Stephen Smith announced an external review of abuse allegations in Defence
  • This article calls for communities to be more involved when it comes to instances of Family Violence

And there has been plenty of controversy surrounding the planned SlutWalks