In the week that sees Australians take some time to remember those that have lost their lives through Family and Domestic Violence, there has been some important and interesting news come across our virtual desks concerning Violence Against Women

Landmark Finding in High Court

PROSECUTORS in a domestic violence case were right to lead evidence of a man’s past assaults on his former girlfriend which she never reported to police, the High Court has ruled, in a case which clarifies rules of evidence. Read the article here

Also making the news this week

  • The Age reports on the dismay felt by women in Pakistan after the trial of accused rapists saw most of the accused set free. Read more about it here
  • The changes to the Family Law Bill are currently before the senate, and is leading to some debate.
  • Take some time to read this thought-provoking opinion piece, written by Helen Pringle, “”Prostitution as Violence Against Women””
  • Another opinion piece written by Tonya Stanfield, explores how faith impacts women’s empowerment
  • The Australian Human Rights Commission has released the details of it’s review into the Australian Defence Force
  • The St Mary’s Star reports on a Domestic Violence Service in Penrith that  has been defunded under the new State Government
  • And National Women’s Alliance AIRWA have put in a submission on the enquiry into multi-culturalism in Australia


Some important releases from the Minister for the Status of Women’s office

Take Action Today! Join the Call for a European Year 2013 to end violence against women

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