At the recent Council of Australian Governments meeting (COAG), Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull responded to a campaign by more than 200 organisations (including AWAVA) by committing another year of federal funding to the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH). The $117 million funding extension is expected to help around 85,000 people who are homeless or are facing homelessness in Australia. Many domestic and family violence services and sexual assault services depend on NPAH funding, and the extension will allow these organisations to continue their work.  The Council to Homeless Persons together with homelessness organisations and their peak bodies requested a 5 year extension  to secure jobs and ensure the continued provision of services to those in need.


Nationally, the number of women and children accessing homelessness services due to domestic violence is increasing, bringing into question the repercussions of short-term funding. It is hoped that a review of policy and funding will enable organisations, advocates and service providers to plan for and look beyond single year timeframes.













  • 1800RESPECT has developed a digital Escape Bag Checklist and Technology and Safety videos. An online tool designed to help women flea an unsafe home environment. Download the1800RESPECT Frontline Workers Toolkit Please visit for more information.
  • The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has opened a new online Graduate Certificate program in Domestic Violence which is designed for frontline workers, policy developers and professionals that will provide them with specialised skills and knowledge on how to better respond to cases of domestic violence.
  • The International Organization for Migration, United Nations Information Centre Canberra and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees cordially invite you to celebrate International Migrants Day with a free screening of the new Australian documentary Constance on the Edgeon Thursday, 15 December 2016. Click here to register.
  • The UN Women National Committee Australia invites everyone to the celebration of the 2017 International Women’s Day events in March happening simultaneously in 6 major cities around the country. For more information click here.
  • The University of Melbourne has created a website called ‘NotTheOnlyOne’where women can anonymously read and share stories about experiencing family and domestic violence.