Welcome to the latest edition of AWAVA’s weekly round-up. The Royal Commission into Family Violence continues in Victoria this week. Find out more about developments from the Royal Commission in our special Royal Commission section! You can also live stream the hearings and read all the submissions made to the Commission on their website.

In other news, The Prime Minister has urged men to speak up on domestic violence while announcing a domestic violence order scheme, making orders taken out in any state enforceable across the country. This is in addition to the recent announcement that the government will allocate $30 million to a campaign on domestic violence education and advertising around the country. We are pleased to see commitment from the government in tackling domestic violence and look forward to the implementation of these programs.

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Royal Commission into Family Violence

The first and second weeks of the Royal Commission into Family Violence saw the Commission hear from a range of stakeholders, offering insights into key issues in the sector. Over the past two weeks, the Commission has heard from experts in the following areas – children, financial abuse and empowerment, alcohol and drugs, experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, housing, mental health, risk management and perpetrator interventions. At the conclusion of the first week, Melissa Davey from the Guardian identified seven key lessons learned from the submissions so far. Unsurprisingly, central to her analysis is the recognition that family violence is extremely complex and multi-faceted, essentially confirming the sector’s long standing belief. Here are some of the discussions that have been taking place in relation to the Royal Commission.

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