Welcome to the latest edition of the AWAVA Weekly Round-Up and welcome to 2015! This week, we are looking back at the year that was, and looking forward at the challenges and opportunities of the year to come. 2014 saw women’s voices swelling around the word, be they quiet and eloquent or powerful and demanding, women of all ages joined the common chorus for recognition, respect and safety

[TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of violence, sexual assault] At the same time many people will reflect on 2014 as a year of continued violence and of insufficient responses to this violence.


We know that gender based violence is staggering in its scope and that it will continue to impact millions of women in 2015. We know that gender inequality is both a consequence and cause of violence against women. At AWAVA, we also know that in 2015 passionate people like you will continue to struggle for the right of all women and girls to feel and be safe wherever they are around the globe.


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  • Our sister alliance, Equality Rights Alliance, will be hosting a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) consultation to share information and insights on the UPR process, discuss key human rights issues and develop collective strategies ahead of Australia’s upcoming UPR; a workshop session on engaging with international human rights in Australian advocacy; as well as a report back from the National Women’s Alliances in Perth on 22 January 2015


**Articles published do not necessarily reflect the view of AWAVA and are included as items of interest only.