Welcome to the latest edition of the AWAVA Weekly Round-Up. This week, we highlight a variety of opportunities for individuals and organisations to contribute to the elimination of male violence against women. We also highlight a number of stories from activists and organisations who are taking action in their communities and around the world.


It can be overwhelming when we are confronted with the huge scale and entrenched nature of gender-based violence. However, it is inspiring to hear of the countless number of women and men who are devoted to the realisation of gender equality and who work tirelessly to prevent violence against women!


We had the opportunity to meet some of these women and men last Friday 31 October at the Canberra Reclaim the Night march. It was wonderful to walk with so many people from all over Canberra to publicly reject sexual violence and the culture that makes women feel unsafe and vulnerable in public places.


AWAVA staff reclaiming the night with members of the Canberra community

Around the Country

Around the World

[TRIGGER WARNING: Images of harassment, assault, sexual violence]
  • In Spain, thousands of people have participated in a ‘feminist strike’ to protest discrimination and violence against women
  • In New York, a video created by Hollaback! [TRIGGER WARNING: Street harassment] to highlight everyday street harassment has generated wide-ranging discussions about methods of activism, intersectionality, and how to effectively communicate issues of systemic abuse
  • Anglican leaders around the world have spoken out against gender-based violence in solidarity with women in preparation for the start of the 16 Days of Activism campaign in November
  • In the UK, victim-blaming and lack of support for survivors continue to result in very low rates of reporting of violence against women
  • In Uganda, Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development Mary Karooro Okurut has called for greater action to address the disproportionate negative impact of the oil industry on rural women
  • In Turkey, a pilot program where ‘panic buttons’ were issued to women who had experienced domestic violence has been deemed a failure
  • In Somalia, women continue to experience extremely high rates of violence with little support from the country’s government
  • In Canada, investigations continue into possible assaults committed by former radio presenter Jian Gomeshi
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