Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Round-Up. This has been a week of considerable developments in the preventing violence against women sector, in particular with the launch of ANROWS – Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety. ANROWS forms an integral part of the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children. Its establishment is a key step towards realising the rights of women and children to feel and be safe in their communities.

ANROWS CEO Heather Nancarrow speaking at the launch

ANROWS CEO Heather Nancarrow speaking at the launch


Around the Country

[TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of violence against children]
  • Simone O’Brien, a survivor of domestic violence, has spoken out about her story and experiences  [TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of violence]
  • Women with disabilities continue to experience violence at extremely high rates and are often not believed when they speak out about their experiences
  • Senator Larissa Waters has spoken in Parliament about the importance of taking decisive action to address violence against women [TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of violence]
  • Migrant women continue to have  little support when they experience violence
  • Family violence groups have expressed outrage at the funding levels committed by the Victorian Government 
  • Australian doctors are being called upon to do more to help patients that they suspect may be experiencing violence

    Around the World

    • In Papua New Guinea, women are speaking out about the horrific levels of violence they experience  [TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of violence, sexual violence, and sexual violence against children]
    • In the United States, First Lady Michelle Obama has given a Mother’s Day address which reflected on the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian school girls last month 
    • A US photographer is displaying a series of photographs of a man violently assaulting his partner in an effort to raise awareness about violence against women  [TRIGGER WARNING: Images of family violence]
    • In Ireland, a Senator has called for a full debate in the Seanad of violence against women and gender based violence


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