In this double edition of the weekly round up, AWAVA brings you news of its activities around the country. On 22 October, AWAVA Chairperson and Program Manager met Ms Natasha Stott Despoja AM, Chairperson of the Foundation to Prevent Violence against women and their Children. It was a great opportunity to discuss the issue, potential collaborations, and how we can all work together to prevent and eliminate violence. On 25 October, AWAVA partnered with its sister national women’s alliance, the Equality Rights Alliance to Reclaim the Night. AWAVA and Equality Rights Alliance marched and stood in solidarity, remembering survivors and victims of sexual violence and abuse whilst reaffirming both alliances’ commitment to equality and equity for all women.

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Stoning and Violence Against Women

Learn more about ‘Stoning’ and what you can do to try and end this practice by clicking here


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