In this double edition of the weekly round-up, we are delighted to inform you that registration remains open for a six-part webinar series on online safety in a digital world called ‘From Faxes to Facebook’ to be delivered by AWAVA’s lead agency, the Women’s Services Network (WESNET), as part of its Safety Net Australia Project. Collectively, these webinars offer “a comprehensive understanding of how technology may be misused by abusers as well as best practices for agencies in using technology to enhance their support services for women experiencing gender-based violence…”. Information on the individual topics each webinar addresses in-depth, and free registration, is available via the WESNET website.

Around the Nation

  • From Canberra, a victim/survivor of domestic violence shared their story of struggle and hope in this powerful personal testimony
  • Intersections between racially-motivated and gender-motivated violence frequently emerge. The Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner published this piece providing a snapshot of casual racism in Australia and why taking a stand matter
  • Results from a national survey on the sexual harassment of women doctors by patients has uncovered results that experts describe as “disturbing
  • In Sydney, a former director of the Vagina Monologues is working on a new theatre project that aims to bring the lived human element of domestic violence to the forefront of community consciousness
  • From Melbourne, the Herald Sun reported on the increased prevalence of stalkers using mobile technology and social media to terrorise victim/survivors of domestic violence
  • ‘The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’ held more face-to-face consultations with Commissioners in both Melbourne and Perth this week. Over the next month, they will also be visiting Darwin, Brisbane and Canberra.

Around the World

Get Involved

  • Amnesty International’s blogging competition is open and will be taking submissions until 1 Nov 2013 on articles with a human rights theme
  • Women’s Health Victoria will be holding a free seminar on Tuesday 19 October called ‘Beyond the Sext: Technology – facilitated by violence and harassment’. To register, please follow this link
  • In Melbourne, US trainer and consultant David Mandel is presenting two workshops hosted by No To Violence and the Domestic Violence Resource Centre. The first is ‘Safe Together: a child-centred approach to the intersection of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment’ on Thursday 14 November. The second is ‘Safe engagement and assessment: working with fathers to support safe, positiver fathering’ on Friday 15 November. For more information, follow this link.
  • Lifeline Australia provides a free domestic violence training program ‘DV Alert’ which teaches social service professionals how to recognise, respond and refer cases of domestic and family violence. This is accredited training program is available in all Australian states and territories. Find out if you are eligible.
  • The Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse will be holding a national workshop together with the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault on 8 November in Adelaide for “advanced practitioners and clinicians working in the men’s behaviour change and therapy field”


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