This week, AWAVA attended consultations in Canberra for the new national Foundation to Prevent Violence against Women and their Children. AWAVA is excited to embark on this process and welcomes the valuable additions this new foundation will create to complement  the ongoing efforts of the women’s services sector. AWAVA circulated a media release commending the new foundation.

AWAVA Chairperson, Julie Oberin, attended the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) Safety Net Project Technology Summit 2013 in California, USA. This summit provided “a unique training opportunity focussing on the various complex issues and concerns that come from the intersection of technology and domestic and sexual violence, stalking and trafficking.”  Exciting outcomes included new online privacy and safety guidelines for victim/survivors.

Finally, the federal election was called by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for 7 September 2013. As political campaigning intensifies, AWAVA continues to encourage women to use their vote in an effective, informed and independent manner. This election is a critical chance for all Australian citizens to have their voices heard. For apolitical, bipartisan information on how to vote, please check out the women vote website. This site is the lynchpin of the National Women’s Alliances ‘Priorities for Women’ campaign.

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  • The Faculty of Law UNSW has partnered with Victim Services from the Department of Attorney-General and Justice NSW to conduct a study into the participation of victims of crime in NSW court processes. They are investigating and evaluating how the needs of victims of crime can be best served by the NSW criminal justice system. Part of their study involves a survey where victim/survivors will be asked about their engagement with court processes but not about the personal details of the particular crime they experienced. All survey responses will remain confidential. To participate, please follow this link
  • The 2013 Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Awards are calling for nominations. These awards “will recognise outstanding work and contributions to initiatives against slavery, slavery-like practices, including forced labour and forced marriage, and human trafficking” and they close on 9 August 2013
  • The National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) will be coordinating National Child Protection Week 2013 running from 1-7 September 2013.  Event registration is now open.


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