Stark reminders this week that there is a way to go to change victim-blaming attitudes for violence against women offences, and still a need to challenge mainstream media reporting and broadcasting of violence against women, both at home and internationally.   Greater focus on perpetrator behaviour is needed, with a recognition that it’s everyone’s responsibility to end this violence.

News from CSW

The Agreed Conclusions from CSW57 recognise the important role that the media can play by including the clause “…encourage the media to improve public awareness on violence against women and girls, to train those who work in the media…”

AWAVA will post more on the CSW57 outcomes, including a handy lobbying guide, in the next few weeks, keep an eye on the website.

 Around the Nation

Gender Equality in the Workplace Laws – Includes family and domestic violence reporting

The reporting requirements of employers under the new gender equality in the workplace laws  “Gender Equality Indicator 4—availability and utility of employment” include terms, conditions and practices relating to flexible working arrangements for employees and toworking arrangements supporting employees with family or caring responsibilities.  Matters that must be included in the report:

4.12 The existence of a policy or strategy to support employees who have or are experiencing family or domestic violence.

4.13 Measures, if any, to support employees who have or are experiencing family or domestic violence.


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