I hope you all have something lovely and restful planned for the Easter/ANZAC Day break! In case you are looking for something to do, here is some light reading to keep you going…

  • The Sunday Age reports that there needs to be further reform in the prosecuting of sexual assault crimes
  • The Age also offers an opinion piece on the achievements of the 2006 reforms.
  • A woman alleging she endured almost 2 years of sexual harassment and abuse is taking action against a major company. Read the full article here
  • The Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault has released a new fact sheet on the impacts of sexual assault on women.
  • In Victoria, the the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights was launched.
  • In South Australia, women’s groups have supported a suspended sentence given to a survivor of Domestic Violence who killed her husband. Read the article here
  • An opinion piece by Nina Funnell looks at the “just do it” attitudes towards sex in relationships.
  • In an article in The Age, Simon Overland acknowledges some of the reasons for homelessness and crime among young women


  • A UK report reveals that women between the ages of 16 and 19 are the age group most at risk of domestic violence.
  • Also in the UK,  the long awaited Government report on reforming family law has been published by the Family Justice Review. A brief summary is available, with a link to the report.
  • And as Freedom Day approaches in South Africa, Genderlinks asks whether South African women are really free?

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission is currently undertaking a project to develop tools for young women in the workplace and for employers outlining their rights and responsibilities. The first step of the project is a survey for young women aged 15-30.

If you are a young woman aged 15-30, they would like to hear from you! Please take five minutes to click on the link below and complete their survey.