We’re going to try to do a weekly round-up of things that are coming past us here at the AWAVA secretariat.  So here goes:

Quite a few interesting publications and various other things (for want of a better description) have come across my “virtual desk” this week.

  • First up the Australian Institute of Criminology has just released a report about the complex barriers preventing disclosure of violence by Indigenous victims. There is a Media Release and as well as the report.
  • ABC Radio’s The World Today program has the Sounds of Summer, a program about Violence Against Women. You can listen here if you missed it.
  • A new study from the University of Western Australia confirms what many of us already know, that Women subjected to both physical and sexual violence by their partner are much more likely to experience mental health and/or substance use issues. For more information visit the UWA Website here.
  • According to the Sydney Morning Herald the Keneally government is stalling on leave for victims of DV.
  • And just in from Spain, Research conducted at the University of Granada warns about the negative effects of the so-called “benevolent sexism”. You can read about it here.

*The opinions expressed in the articles aren’t necessarily the opinions of AWAVA.