It was a tumultuous week in politics. During the last Parliamentary Sitting for the year, turmoil reached new heights with a change in Prime-Minister and a Cabinet reshuffle. As election campaigning begins, AWAVA continues to focus on the policy platforms on violence against women presented by each major political party. As part of AWAVA’s contribution to the ‘Priorities for Women‘ project, a joint National Women’s Alliances project led by Equality Rights Alliance, AWAVA has sent letters to major parties to discuss their policies on gender-based violence; their views of the challenges; their commitment to the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and funding frameworks. The ‘Priorities for Women‘ project encourages women to vote independently, effectively and in an informed manner. Look out for activities relating to its upcoming launch on the ‘In Focus’ section of our website, along with Facebook and Twitter.

No matter which party becomes the government of the day, the fight to end violence against women and girls continues.

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