Firstly, a big thank-you to everyone who participated in the recent CEDAW online survey hosted by AWAVA and NATSIWA – we had some excellent, informative and well thought-out responses and really appreciate your contributions. For those that requested it, you will have received a draft report for comment by today 27 July.  The report will be circulated next week for endorsement, so please provide your organisation’s logo for inclusion and circulate it to your networks.  We would like these by 3pm on Friday 3 August.  Keep an eye out for the final version, which will be posted on the website around mid-August

Lots happening this week in the news!  Quite a few articles internationally about the rising number of incidents and reports of violence against women in different countries, which you can check out below, and for those that would like a bit of weekend reading, there are a number of new Australian reports released this week for you to delve into.

But firstly, for those that don’t want to read and would rather listen – download this podcast from SBS where UN Women Executive Director, Julie Mackay, discusses domestic violence leave in the workplace

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  • Take action on Peace Day 21 September, and become part of the largest gathering of people in the name of Peace and non violence. Watch the youtube clip here
  • Standing firm for change: a journey to justice is a national conference run by the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention & Legal Service Victoria. The conference will be held on 21-23 November 2012, in Melbourne.  Registration is open until 30 September.


  • The No To Violence conference is in November 2012
  • Law Enforcement and Public Health Conference in Melbourne, November 2012
  • The 7th Womens Health Conference will be held in Sydney in 2013
  • Australian Women’s Coalition is calling young women between 18 – 30 years who live, study or work in Auburn, Bankstown, Liverpool or Coffs Harbour NSW, or in Canberra, ACT to be a part of SHOUT!  A series of three free workshops will run in each location, complemented by an online network of support and skills-sharing and a local network of participants and AWC member organisations. The workshops will culminate in community events on Harmony Day next year, 21 March 2013. Find out more here