This week, on June 26th, it was the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture – sadly, many of these victims are women fighting for basic human rights. To learn more, read the UN’s Secretary General’s message here.

A quiet week in the news around the country, but it would have been hard for anyone to avoid the Grant Hackett interview and the multitude of news articles published afterwards. AWAVA made this media statement:

“”It’s important to understand that violence against women is not just physical and sexual violence, and it™s not a private matter.  Violence against women includes abusive, intimidating and controlling behaviours, destroying her property, and shifting responsibility for abusive behaviour to her or someone else.  This behaviour is never caused, invited or deserved by the victim.  Men like Grant Hackett who are public figures and role models need to recognise that their behaviour is abusive and must change.  We need to remember that the safety of women and children is paramount and that from a very young age, children begin to form their beliefs and attitudes about how women and men should behave within relationships.””

AWAVA’s spokesperson, Executive  member, Margaret Augerinos, was quoted in the West Australian, emphasising that public figures and role models need to recognise that their behaviour is abusive.

In other news around Australia:

  • For many of those working in the community services sector, this media release from the Treasurer’s Office will bring welcome news
  • AWAVA welcomed the news of the establishment of the statutory office of the National Children’s Commissioner – read more here

And around the world:

Upcoming Events



  • The Association of Women Educators conference being held 3-5 July 2012 – for details and registration click here
  • National Rural Women’s Conference 2013 has a call for abstracts closing 6 July
  • Launch of the AWAVA-endorsed NUS Safe Events Respectful Clubs and Societies program, in Canberra 10 July  – find out more
  • The Equality Rights Alliance will be conducting FREE Federal Budget training in Alice Springs 23rd July – click  here to learn more and register now!!


  • Take action on Peace Day 21 September, and become part of the largest gathering of people in the name of Peace and non violence. Watch the youtube clip here


  • The No To Violence conference in November 2012
  • The 7th Womens Health Conference will be held in Sydney in 2013
  • Australian Women’s Coalition is calling young women between 18 – 30 years who live, study or work in Auburn, Bankstown, Liverpool or Coffs Harbour NSW, or in Canberra, ACT to be a part of SHOUT!  A series of three free workshops will run in each location, complemented by an online network of support and skills-sharing and a local network of participants and AWC member organisations. The workshops will culminate in community events on Harmony Day next year, 21 March 2013. Find out more here