The National Advocacy Group on Women on Temporary Visas Experiencing Violence has released the report “Path to Nowhere”. The report draws from data collected by an online survey which was developed for service providers to submit data on women with worked with or who sought assistance from them during the month of August 2018.



In summary the survey process found that during the month of August:

  • It appears there were at least 387 women on temporary visas experiencing violence accessing support
    services in Australia;
  • These women had more than 351 children or dependants
  • Around a quarter (24%) of these women were living in crisis accommodation and around one in ten
    (11%) were living in temporary accommodation;
  • One in ten of these women were living at home with the partner, which may increase their risk of
    experiencing further violence;
  • Crisis and long-term housing was the service most needed by clients that organisations were unable
    to provide, followed by financial assistance.

You can download the report here: