AWAVA’s Primary Prevention Survey has closed. Thank you to everyone who responded. We are now analysing the results and expect to release a report by the end of May.



AWAVA is conducting a survey of primary prevention activities across Australia. This survey is led by AWAVA’s Violence Prevention Working Group.

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What is the survey about?

This survey maps activities across Australia that are working to build respectful relationships and increase gender equality so that violence against women doesn’t happen. This is called ‘primary prevention’ of violence against women.

Who should complete it?

Any organisations, services or activities that work to build respectful relationships and/or increase gender equality are in scope.

This includes activities that have the specific purpose of preventing violence against women such as Respectful Relationships programs in schools, but it also includes activities to promote gender equality more broadly. For example, an organisation advocating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s economic empowerment would be considered as doing primary prevention work, even if violence against women was not a major focus of their work.

How long will it take?

The survey is in two parts. Part 1, about your organisation and activities, will take 10-30 minutes to complete. The optional Part 2, about opportunities, constraints and enablers for your work, will also take 10-30 minutes.

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Is it anonymous?

For Part 1, you can choose to remain anonymous, or you can agree to share your information on a public register to increase your agency’s availability to the public and to allied organisations.

For Part 2, all answers will be kept anonymous.

All information collected by the survey will be managed in accordance with WESNET’s Privacy Policy.

What will be the outcomes?

We will produce a report on the survey’s findings which can be used in policy and practice advocacy. All participants will be provided with a copy of the report. We will also create a searchable online register of activities where survey respondents agree to make their information public.

Why you should participate:

  • Sharing information about your initiative will help you and others to create relationships and partnerships with people working in primary prevention
  • Sharing information about your initiative will enable you and others to learn more about primary prevention activities occurring across Australia
  • Having a more comprehensive picture of prevention initiatives across Australia will help everyone to design and implement evidence-based prevention activities in a coordinated way
  • Having a more comprehensive picture of prevention initiatives will support everyone to promote the importance of prevention to policy-makers and advocate for better resourcing
  • Your response will help us to identify potential gaps in prevention initiatives to highlight the need for additional and specific resources

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