AWAVA has conducted a budget analysis in relation to budget measures aimed at prevention and responses to all forms of violence against women and their children.

The bushfires and Covid-19 had brought on a number of social challenges for the people living in Australia. The stresses and the home confinement due to mandatory lockdown and economic insecurity have led to a spike in violence against women along with demand for frontline services serving victims/survivors of violence. At the start of the year, the Government provided the initial $150 million to meet the rising demands on the frontline services. As part of the 2020 Budget, the Government has announced the continuation of the Social and Community Sector Supplementation payments from July 2021. It has also announced a continued commitment to fund the 1800RESPECT Helpline. However, the Government has not added more funding in the forward estimates to address the ‘shadow pandemic’ of family and domestic violence.
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