The National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children 2010-2022 (the National Plan) is a major policy framework that has the potential to help achieve gender equality and end violence against women. The National Plan acts as the primary Australian policy on reducing sexual assault and domestic and family violence.


Support for the National Plan has been an important part of AWAVA’s work since the inception of the Plan. We have provided advice on the development of the three Action Plans so far, and have provided feedback on their implementation.


This survey is a part of AWAVA’s work to contribute to evaluations of the Third Action Plan (3AP) and consult on the development of the Fourth Action Plan (4AP). The survey aims to identify gaps, issues and positive steps that can inform the creation of the Fourth Action Plan.


The survey was structured to collect separate data from individuals (people speaking on their own behalf only, and not on behalf of any organisation), and representatives of service providers and peak bodies. Part 1 of this report combines responses from service providers and peak bodies. Part 2 summarises responses received from individuals. Part 3 combines diversity data.


The survey ran from May to June 2018. In total, 243 people responded to the survey. Among them there were 79 service providers (48 full and 31 partial responses), 7 peak bodies (4 full and 3 partial responses) and 157 individual responses. Partial responses were used in the analysis to the extent possible. Where appropriate we indicate the total number of responses received to a given question. We would like to thank everyone who completed the survey, and all the individuals and organisations who circulated it within their networks.


Download the report here