In AWAVA’s Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence in Australia, we outline policy recommendations relating to domestic and family violence and sexual violence for consideration by the Finance and Public Administration References Committee. We welcome the opportunity to provide our advice and comment on the points of inquiry.

Over recent years, the Commonwealth Government has demonstrated leadership and commitment towards preventing violence against women, improving both community understanding and awareness of domestic violence, and ensuring that legislation and services are put in place to protect and support women who have experienced violence. AWAVA has welcomed this leadership and is firmly committed to working in partnership with Government and stakeholders across all sectors to address and ultimately prevent intimate partner violence.

AWAVA expresses our concern regarding the short timeframe allocated for this National Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence in Australia. We are concerned not only by the short timeframe for submissions to the Inquiry but also by the allocation of only 4 months to investigate an issue that impacts 17 per cent of women across the country. We also note that there have been numerous inquiries into domestic and family violence and that now is a time for action.

We hope that the implementation of these recommendations will be pursued by Government in partnership with the specialist women’s services responding to and preventing violence against women sector, as we work together to support and empower all Australian women to live lives free of violence and abuse. It is also important that the recommendations made in earlier inquiries are also implemented.


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