“Presented by The Violence Research and Prevention Program, Griffith University

Venue:  The Royal on the Park Hotel, Brisbane

Homicide stands alone amid criminal activity both in terms of its severity and the extreme nature of its consequences. At the same time, there is an increasing need to examine and understand the current trends in homicide, why homicides are occurring, and the opportunities for prevention. The theme for our upcoming conference is ‘Homicide: Precursors and Prevention’. The conference program will examine various forms of homicide including infanticide, intimate partner homicide and others, and explore programs and opportunities for preventing such extreme events. Thus, our interest is twofold. First there is a general need to better understand the precursors for homicides and additionally, to also consider how these events can be prevented or controlled.”

For more, please follow the link: http://www.griffith.edu.au/conference/homicide-precursors-prevention