The AWAVA delegation members attending the 58th session of the Commission for the Status of Women (CSW), in New York, will be  providing specialist knowledge and expertise on all forms of violence against women, bringing extensive experience from across Australia, and working with international partners to reach Agreed Conclusions.  The representatives are:

  • Head of the delegation: Julie Oberin, Chair of AWAVA and WESNET, AWAVA Executive Member (VIC)
  • Margie Charlesworth, Women with Disabilities Australia
  • Margaret Augerinos, WESNET and CEO of Centre for Non-Violence, AWAVA Executive Member (VIC)
  • Tracy Howe, CEO of DV NSW (NSW)

AWAVA will be sponsoring and presenting 6 Parallel Events and will be posting regular updates on interesting activities and reporting on events from the AWAVA delegation. We hope you will follow us!

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