“On Friday the 28th February, The Sydney Feminists will be hosting an awesome variety show, featuring stand-up comedians, musicians and performers. Every one of our entertainers will be pro-feminist and will give a performance of that nature, so you can relax and kick back, knowing you’re going to get a night full of entertainment geared towards gender-equality and progressive thinking.

Following the show, we will break out into an all-female-empowerment disco.

The show will function as a fundraiser for The Sydney Feminists and will support future events.

Date and Time: Friday 28th February, starting at 7pm.

Venue: The Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville.

Cost: $10 ($7 concession).

This is a non-autonomous event, meaning men are welcome; however, they are expected to respect the women and women-identifying attendees and be on their best behaviour!”

For more information, visit: http://sydneyfeminists.webs.com/variety-show