AWAVA comments on the 2013-14 Federal Budget announcements:

Julie Oberin, Chair of AWAVA, comments

“An ongoing budgetary commitment, clearly linked to the National Plan implementation, across the entire plan and its lifetime, is fundamental each year.  This needs to be commensurate with the scale of the issue.  The announcements in the 2013-14 budget for the Royal Commission reflect this and give a much-needed focus on child sexual assault, for which the Government should be congratulated, it needs to be acknowledged that similar funding levels are needed across all forms of violence against women and their children.”

“AWAVA are keen to work with, and to participate in the development of the Foundation 

[to Prevent Violence against Women and their Children] so that it can draw upon and build on the existing primary prevention and early intervention knowledge base and work undertaken by the preventing violence against women’s sector. The National Plan requires continued, coordinated, partnerships and it is key that the new foundation develops on work already being progressed within the sector.”

Read AWAVA’s full media release here: AWAVA 2013-14 Budget Media Release