The AWAVA delegation members attending the 57th session of the Commission for the Status of Women (CSW), in New York, will be  providing specialist knowledge and expertise on all forms of violence against women, bringing extensive experience from across Australia, and working with international partners to reach Agreed Conclusions.  The representatives are:

  • Head of the delegation: Julie Oberin, Chair of AWAVA and WESNET, AWAVA Executive Member (VIC)
  • Fiona McCormack, CEO of DV Vic (VIC)
  • Dorinda Cox, NASASV Indigenous representative, AWAVA Executive Member (WA)
  • Aimee McVeigh, WLSA member, Principal Solicitor at the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Women’s Legal & Advocacy Service (QLD)
  • Margaret Augerinos, WESNET and CEO of Centre for Non-Violence, AWAVA Executive Member (VIC)
  • Tracy Howe, CEO of Women’s Refuge Movement NSW (NSW)
  • Samantha Bowden, NASASV NT representative (NT)

AWAVA will be sponsoring 4 Parallel Events and will be posting regular updates on interesting activities and reporting on events from the AWAVA delegation.

Parallel Events

Date of Event Time Location Title of Event
Wednesday 6 March 8.30am 10th Floor Church Centre Power of Peaks and Alliances

  • Julie Oberin, Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA)
  • Margaret Augerinos, Women’s Services Network, Australia (WESNET)
  • Marai Larasi, End Violence Against Women, UK (EVAW)
  • Cindy Southworth, National Network to End Domestic Violence, USA (NNEDV)
Thursday 7 March 2.30pm Guild Hall Armenian Convention Centre Using the Strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities to Stop Violence Against Women

  • Dorinda Cox,  Co-opted member for Indigenous issues, National Association of Service Against Sexual Violence
  • Michelle Deshong,  Program Manager,  National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance
Friday 8 March 12.30pm Hardin Room, 11th Floor, Church Centre Thinking Big: A Convention for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

  • Chair:Rebecca Bromhead, Australian National Committee for UN Women
  • Professor Rashida Manjoo, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women: Opening Event and introduction covering the normative gap and motivations for a treaty
  • Julie Oberin, Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA), Australia: Why we need a Convention
  • Elizabeth Broderick, Australian Human Rights Commission:  The pros and cons of a Convention
  • Lesley Ann Foster, Masimanyane Women’s Support Center: Re-politicising Violence Against Women
  • Lily Greenan, Scottish Women’s Aid, Scotland: Mobilising around a Convention
  • Marai Larasi, Imkaan & End Violence Against Women Coalition, UK: Ensuring Voice and Representation
Monday 11 March 12:30 pm Chapel (CCUN building) Stopping Violence Before It Happens: Primary Prevention Tools

  • Julie Oberin, Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA): Stopping Violence Before It Happens: A Practical Toolkit for Communities
  • Fiona McCormack, CEO of Domestic Violence Victoria: Harnessing the Power of the Media
  • Dorinda Cox: Standards for Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Education
  • Margaret Augerinos: CEO of Centre for Non-Violence: Solving the Jigsaw: changing a culture of violence into a culture of well-being