The Victorian Government published  its State Action Plan: Action Plan To Address Violence against Women & Children 2012-15: Everyone has a Responsibility to Act  in support of  the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, on 9 October.

$90 million over 3 years is committed to its implementation.  Its strengths are:

  • Promotion of gender equity
  • Focus on primary prevention: inclusion in school curriculum, teacher training and responsible media reporting
  • Everyone has a responsibility: engaging communities to challenge behaviour and attitudes, including workplaces
  • Investing in service response for women experiencing violence
  • Response specifically for women with disabilities experiencing violence
The Victoria Government press release includes more information.
The sector cautions that the funding for implementing the Action Plan – both primary prevention, service response, including justice response – will be crucial, and are key to see the  plan put into action.

Read the press releases below from AWAVA Advisory Group Members and Friends & Supporters: