This week saw the International Day to end Female Genital Mutiliation on Feb 6.  This day recognises that three million girls and women are subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) worldwide each year, that’s 8000 girls every day, and that it is time to end this form of violence against women and girls.

In keeping with this, we have an In Focus post with articles on FGM (sometimes called female circumsion or “cutting”) that have appeared in the news around the world.

Female Genital Mutilation

  • Fionnuala Murphy asks whether the government is doing enough to end FGM in Britain
  • Mrs Florence Ali, president of the Ghana Association for Women’s Welfare poses the same question in Ghana
  • According to the LA times, progress is being made in Africa, with 8,000 communities putting an end to FGM.  You can also read more about ending FGM in Africa here
  • In Ireland, there is debate between Amnesty International and government officials about wording of laws to ban FGM
  • In continental Europe, Amnesty International have joined forces with the European Women’s Lobby to lobby government for change
  • In Uganda, there is pressure on government to do more in educating local communities
  • And in Yemen, there is a need to look at new strategies to end widespread FGM**articles included are not necessarily the views of AWAVA