The members of the AWAVA Advisory Group met face-to-face for the first time this week. The two-day meeting, held in Adelaide on 21-22 December, is a momentous occasion for women.

Members of the AWAVA Advisory Group in Adelaide. Back Left to Right: Claire Petrie, Celia Karpfen, Anne Morris, Nevena Simic, Maria Delaney, Eileen Oates, Margaret Augerinos, Helen McDermott, Zita Ngor, Annie Parkinson, Julie Oberin.Front Left to Right: Vicki Lachlan, Megan Hughes, Jane Corpuz-Brock, Tracy Howe, Jacinta Atkins, Karen Bentley, Jackie Newbiggin, Alison McDonald.

There were 19 participants from a wide range of women’s organisations. It was a highly successful 2 days! The feedback we have is very positive with us all really enjoying the meeting and feeling a real sense of being part of a historic moment. Engagement and participation was excellent, and we got through an enormous amount of work to set up and establish the Alliance and work out some priorities for the coming years.