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19 05, 2017

Sexual violence: Law reform and access to justice

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In Australia, sexual violence is recognised as a serious crime and an extreme violation of human rights in which the Australian Government has an obligation to exercise ‘due diligence’ in establishing effective measures to prevent, investigate and prosecute such cases of violence.   The criminal justice system remains the primary institution for responding to sexual [...]

11 04, 2017

AWAVA Prevalent and Preventable Conference – Easy English Report

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  In September 2016, Our Watch and AWAVA held a three day conference on preventing violence against women. With the help of SCOPE, we produced this Easy English version of the conference report.   To access the report, please click on the links below: Prevalent & Preventable Conference 2016 - Easy English report in pdf [...]

22 08, 2016

Access to justice for women and children living with or at risk of violence

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AWAVA commits itself to supporting work that are geared towards integrating the understanding of sexual violence into domestic and family violence prevention and response, which  includes access to justice. We believe that all aspects of the legal process must be accessible and responsive to the ongoing needs of women and children who have been subjected to violence. [...]

7 04, 2016

The role of specialist women’s services in Australia’s response to violence against women and their children

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Australian governments, ministers and community leaders are voicing stronger commitments than ever before to ending violence against women and their children. But while more and more women are recognising themselves as victims/survivors of violence and seeking help, there is no guarantee that when they come forward they and their families will receive the knowledgeable, competent [...]

23 10, 2012

NGO Follow-up Report to the UN Committee in the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women

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In its 2010 review of Australia, the CEDAW Committee asked the Australian Government to report back in 2012 about actions taken to implement the Committee’s recommendations on violence against women, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. This report provides the views of, and is endorsed by the National Women’s Alliances and 106 non-government organisations. [...]